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Insulation Services in Nelson

Working with insulation
Working with insulation

We can provide standard batt or cellulose insulation in Nelson and surrounding areas for all your project needs. We can also upgrade the insulation in your existing home, or provide you with many options for your new home. 

We are the only provider of Cocoon Stabilized Spray-on Cellulose in the region. Cocoon Stabilized Spray-on Cellulose is the only true environmental choice for insulation, as it requires virtually no energy in manufacturing, and is made from 88% recycled product. It is treated with eco- friendly Borax, which is a fire retardant, pest resister, and vermin and mildew inhibitor. Due to the density of the application, Cocoon Stabilized Spray-on Cellulose has been tested to be 35% more energy efficient, and TWO times the sound reduction capabilities of standard batt insulation. 


For more information, please view the videos to the right, and call us to book a free quote for your insulation project in Nelson!

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